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Hunger rips through you, clouding your mind and making the fur along your spine stand on end. For a long time now, as your transformation into a monster seemed to reach its conclusion with scales and fur and animal instinct taking over what was what once human, you felt a hunger. Not just a hunger, but a bubbling urge to rip and tear with the claws and teeth you'd been cursed--gifted.

It was in a haze you found yourself stalking out into the dusty streets that night, growling under your breath like a rabid beast. There weren't many humans out at this time, but you were nocturnal. You found it easy to traverse the night, stalking low to the ground on all fours as you searched for unassuming prey.

Funnily enough, it was a human that found you first, gasping slightly at the hulking sight of you before opening their arms and offering with teary eyes, "Y-you're hungry, aren't you? Please, let me help--" Your jaws clamp down around their neck before they can even finish. Were they going to offer themselves to you, like so many of the crazed locals seemed to do? Or did they want to help you overcome your hunger?

You find it hard to care, when your instincts leave you purring in delight.


Ahalpuh is a panfandom roleplay where characters are transformed into monstrous beings who hunt, kill, and consume the best kind of prey: humans. With a focus on characters' transformations and their attempts to grapple with their newfound hunger and hunting instincts, as well as their descent into the seedy underbelly of Ahalpuh and its tumultuous past.

Just don't forget: in this land, you are still the greatest horror of all. You may be the villain or the victim of this story, but that's up to you. Our focus is on the truly monstrous side of being a monster, and of the psychological strain of losing sight of what it means to be human.

In world where not everything is as it seems, and underlying elements of cosmic and psychological horror, the world of Ahalpuh will grow and change through the game's monthly events with varying levels of connection to the metaplot.

Our goal at Ahalpuh is to allow as much player choice as possible both in who they can app and how they can design their monsters. We allow a broad range of characters, no forced humanization, a single free monster choice for every player, and our AC only requires 2 current threads with at least 3 comments from you per thread. We also have a hiatus and strike system.
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